AEC Easy Block is a library of parametric Architectural blocks that can export 2D or 3D DWG, DXF or DFT files for insertion into any CAD system, including our CAD Software products.

Export of Files

The AEC Easy Architectural Block Library can export 2D or 3D DWG, DXF or DFT files for insertion into any CAD system, including our CAD Software products.

Create, Print, Save

Create, print and save all work with no restriction and unlimited access; unlike other free Cad software.

Powerful Drawing Tools

These will allow you to create accurate and professional level drawings for your project.

Metric and Imperial Units

Completely customise and set your own measurement units to suit your specification.

AEC Easy Block Interface Explained

The image below displays the standard interface, to select a category simply click the list on the left. In addition to this, it is possible to search for specific keywords using the search box to find matching blocks.


AEC easyblock main window


>When selected the contents of a category or the results of a search are listed in the selection window, each block displaying a 3D image and description for easy identification. When searching, the system automatically highlights the categories containing these blocks, clicking on these categories narrows down the search results even further if required. Clicking on a block instantly displays it in the Block Customiser window, here is an example.


AEC easyblock symbol window


The parameters which intelligently control the dimensions and any construction options are prominent and can be edited. All of the geometry within any block is arranged on layers which follow a preset layer name convention, with options to override names and colours. The 3D preview window immediately updates to reflect any changes and automatically orbits around the block, then the user can simply click on the window and take control of the preview using the mouse, zooming in, out and around as required. Once all of the parameters are set as required simply click the 'Export As' button to create a DWG file.


AEC Easy Block Features

  • Create 2D & 3D DWG, DXF & DFT blocks
  • Easily change key dimensions
  • 3D Preview
  • Numerous Categories
  • Search Facility
  • Layer Control
  • Customise Colours
  • Low Cost
  • User Wishlist


More AEC Easy block information

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AEC Easy Block Free Software

The trial version allows you to see how easy it is to find blocks within the library and then export six different blocks free of charge.

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AEC Easy Block Free



You can purchase the full AEC Easy Block program for a special introductory price of only £49+VAT.

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AEC Easy Block

Full Version