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Draft It - Video Support

The Draft it support videos are arranged into the following categories:-


(These 3 support videos specifically relate to Version 3 of Draft it. If you are using V4 Please click here.)

Starting and activating the Free version
Activating Plus, Pro & Architectural
How to... start the various versions

Input modes:- keyboard, mouse, snaps etc

Basics - Using the Mouse
Basics - Using snaps & input options
Arrow Keys
Direct Input
Keyboard Snaps


Quick Architectural Demo
Architectural Demo Part 1
Architectural Demo Part 2
Orthogonal Walls
Internal Walls
Creating Elevations
3D Preview


Basic Drawing Demonstration
Adding Text
Adding Dimensions
Printing to Scale
Building a Polyline
Creating a Template
Creating a Symbol
Selecting Items
Modifying using Entity Handles
Working with Imperial Units
How to... hatch a closed polyline
How to hatch a Closed Polyline
Creating a Rectangular Array
Creating a Polar Array
Using Layers, Colours,and Linestyles
The Properties Explorer
Chain and Multipoint Dimensions
Creating Layouts
Named Views
How to use the Scale command
Selection Filters
How to... display line thickness
Construction Lines
Inserting Image