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As technology develops, it’s getting increasingly easy for designers and engineers to design, model, and simulate tests on their products or solutions; without leaving their desks. The rise of CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping is revolutionising the way designs materialise and the speed at which this happens.


Therefore, it’s important that businesses, big or small, stay ahead of the curve and make sure that they’re utilising the technology available to them. CAD software allows companies, and individuals, to make their designs and their design processes as perfect, and as hassle free, as possible. See how you can benefit from our Free CAD Download. 


Any engineering or design business can, and will, benefit from having a reliable user-friendly Computer Aided Design Software System implemented, even companies that rarely use CAD software will benefit from being able to view and scale their conceptual designs quickly and easily, without leaving the office. 


The 15 day Free CAD Download contains all 4 versions of Draft it, to allow you to explore and understand our software, and decide which specific version is right for you, your business, and your design needs. 


All four versions can be used completely free of charge during the 15 day period and the FREE version can be kept and used indefinitely to make your business thrive in this changing and developing industry.