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The following is a list of just a few of the of Custom CAD applications developed by CADlogic.

Outdoor Lighting Design

AutoCAD based system allowing lighting schemes to be designed and analysed. Lighting units are added to the drawing, as single lights or floodlight head frames, controlling the position and orientation of each luminaire. The luminaire data can be imported in many different formats and is used to calculate the lighting for the required area. The lighting scheme considers luminance, glare, directional lighting, and specific viewer positions. Display options are contours, shaded areas, or values at grid coordinates.

Piping Layout

Based on paraCAD+ this tool is designed to produce 3D piping designs and piping schedules. The system based on the manufacturers catalogue includes straight pipes, bends, tees, reducers, etc that can be assembled quickly within the software. Having produced the basic layout, the system will then analyse the design and break the pipe runs down into individual components and produce a complete schedule of piping requirements.

Glass Leading

Design tool and interface to a resin dispensing table based on our own CAD engine. This system allows the creation and import of leaded glass designs, and then uses a number of commands to annotate and manipulate the design to control bead thickness, direction of run, etc to produce a resin version of glass leading.

Exhibition Hall Layout

A system managing stand layouts for exhibitions based paraCAD+. This highly intelligent system allows exhibition organisers to quickly produce layouts, manipulate and assign clients to stands, calculate areas, calculate and schedule ceiling grids, etc. allowing information to be shared between parties via the internet.

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