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Some examples of Bespoke Engineering Software developed by CADlogic are shown below. These are just a few examples of the application areas we have been involved in.

Membrane Switch Manufacture

AutoCAD based and stand alone systems to interface to a flat bed plotter cutter. Interfaces have been developed for a number of flat bed plotter cutters to allow prototyping, and low volume manufacture of Membrane switch panels. These interfaces are also used in many other industries and for many different materials, including a range of materials in the gasket industry and carbon fibre in Formula One.

Modular Electrical Panel Board Layout

A windows based system to allow the intelligent assembly of modular panel board components. This system contains a database of several hundred standard modular components, which can be selected and graphically assembled to produce the required Panel Board layout. As the components are assembled the system will check connection requirements and problem areas, and a complete bill of quantities and costing can be extracted.

Tooling Design and Manufacture

Using our own CAD engine this system will design Wire Bending Tooling. From a simple front end the system allows the wire and bending requirements to be entered, from which the software will check for any potential problems and calculate tooling dimensions. From here an assembly drawing and a complete set of manufacturing drawing can be automatically created, and the NC code for the machining of the wire former can be instantly produced to forward to the shop floor.

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